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Genesis Surge Paintball Gun

Genesis Surge is a sterling gun for enthusiasts who yearn for the best in paintball, with an advanced design that includes an adjustable base and a detachable battery, Genesis Surge 2 paintball gun makes play with canvas as a choose your own adventure experience.

Genesis Surge Paintball Gun Amazon

The Genesis Surge 2 paintball gun is a new model in the paintball industry that extends been designed to provide a greater range of performance and features than any other existing product, this new gun grants been completely redesigned with a new barrel and barrel system that provides a greater degree of precision and durability. Additionally, it offers been designed with a large capacity and quickly-deploying battery system in mind, with its new design and features, the Genesis Surge 2 paintball gun is a first-class substitute for the complete paintball player. The Genesis Surge is a top-of-the-line gun for searching for an advanced and powerful ball gun, the Surge version features an advanced slide that allows for easier cocking and for less noise. Additionally, the Surge also imparts a high-quality finish that will make your paintball gun look great, the Genesis Surge paintball gun is a powerful and efficient paintball gun that is dandy for younger players who itch to start playing ball. The gun provides a few features that are sterling for young players, such as a standard paintball gun body with a paintball chamber, as well as theessor's which provide a few degrees of angle of attack, additionally, the key features of the Genesis Surge are its powerful barrels and the included tools. With included tools, players can create and configure their Genesis Surge paintball gun for their own specific playing style, it is fabricated with an advanced, latest technology that makes it straightforward to connect and connect with other players. This gun is top-of-the-heap for people who ache to explore the fun and excitement of paintball in more ways than just shooting, with its advanced reporting and management system, the Genesis Surge 2 is sure to keep players engaged for hours on end.